Thursday 25th August 2016 - Married for 1442 days

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Last One - 26/08/16 - 9:41pm

Hey Yo, it's our first full day of being a married couple. 

Yesterday was everything I could have dreamed for and more. Everyone looked so beautiful and it was so lovely to see everyone. Yesterday morning/afternoon was probably the most stressful few hours of my life but every anxiety, stress and worry melted away when I walked down the aisle with my gorgeous mother and saw Hayden waiting for me. It was a completely overwhelming day and typing this now is making me well up. Even ordering pizza and typing in "Mrs Zoe Smith" had me in about emotional. Thank you so much to everyone who came to the wedding and sent us cards/presents, we are so grateful. We received so much more than we were expecting so from the bottom of my heart, thank you, it is very more honeymoon stress! 7 weeks, 6 days to go. To my mum, my sister, my best friend and my godmum, thank you for keeping me sane, calm and sorting everything out with me, you are all incredible and you'll never know how grateful I am...if any of you ever get married, look no further, I will help you as much as you helped me. wink So many people travelled several hours to come to the wedding so thank you so much, just seeing your faces there meant the world to us. I'm going to stop rambling now and let my husband take over. 

Zo has pretty much covered everything that I wanted to say already but, it was lovely seeing everyone yesterday. Dancing around with, drinking with and just spending time with all my favourite people in the same room was great. To both sides of our family, thank you all. 

Everyone get all of your Non-Ceremony pictures on Facebook if you havent already.

For the final time on this blog,

Adios everyone.

- Mr and Mrs Smith

PS. If you feel lost without a blog to read, head over to Zo's book blog or YouTube channel and give her some support. 

Haydens final entry - 22/08/16 - 9:34am
Hey yo people. 3 days to the wedding now, 3 more sleeps. It's gone SO fast, oh my goodness. Months and months of preparation from mostly Zo has gone into this and it seems like only yesterday that we were getting engaged, it's crazy. Can't wait to see everyone, see Zo looking stunning in her dress, take a load of photos, eat some food, pull out some very questionable dancing; but most of all, I'm just looking forward to finally being married to my one and only :). It's going to be strange waking up next Monday and not knowing or being reminded that I need to do this blog. It's been quite fun, I may have to start my own blog on something. The last few days are here, so if you need to know anything, please just give me a ring or text on 07979212411. See everyone in a few days, H
Zoe Edition - 21/08/16 - 9:28am

So this is it. My last solo blog. 4 days to go. 

I can't believe it's finally here. The end of sleepless nights, feelings of forgetfulness and endless worrying is almost here. We started this blog with 350 days to go and now it's so close, it doesn't feel real. 

I've been having a lot of messages about times/places etc. If you received a special invite, one that looked like a fairytale story page, be there at 4:30pm. This is for the ceremony and was for immediate family and friends only. If you received an invitation with a man and woman on the front, the majority of you were invited to come at 5:30pm and there were around 4 of you invited at 8:00pm for the evening do. The address is The Fairway Tavern, Old Herns Lane, AL7 2ED. 

Hayden's best man and his girlfriend came round this weekend to sort things out and it was lovely to see them.

The cake decorations are finally decided and bought, if my sister wasn't making it, I'm not sure what I would have done, we have been the most indecisive people with the cake ever.

We bought bags for the presents and everything is ready to go now. Ed went and got my dress steamed and picked it up yesterday. She is honestly a Fairy Godmother to us and she has helped us so much. She probably won't read this as she's not on Facebook but my god, I bloody love her. 

My mum and my sister. How you've put up with my constant talk of this wedding for over a year is beyond me and you've both done everything you could to help and you're both going to look so beautiful on the day. (Along with my gorgeous niece and nephew!)

To Hayden, it's been a rough year and hopefully the toughest we'll have to face. We can get through anything, this year has proved that. In 4 days, you can finally call me your wife and you'll finally be my husband. FINALLY!

Love you all millions and to everyone that has kept up to date with the blog over the past year, thank you!

Nearly 5000 views of our ramblings. Crazy.

For the last time,

Future Mrs Smith

10 days to go now - 15/08/16 - 9:26am


Welcome to this weeks edition of the H blog.
Time is getting pretty crazy now, only 10 days left now and not long until we are married and seeing everyone.
I still need to get my suit cleaned and we still need to speak to the DJ, but besides this, i dont think there is actually anything left to do. Everything major has been done for months and only lots of little things have been getting done over the last few weeks/months.
Zo has a list of worries about the day and its quite considerable, but not nearly as long as i thought it was going to be. Shes doing such a good job of not panicking too much or stressing out. Anyone that knows her will know what a little worrier she is, so this is a pretty big deal. She is so strong and has organised what will be a beautiful but chilled day. She is my world.
Only one more to go now for me, although the morning of the day may well be a joint effort from both of us.
Until next week people and my final blog entry.


Zoe Edition - 14/08/16 - 9:06am

Penultimate pre-wedding blog...although I may do one of the day. 11 days to go!! I can't believe how quick it's coming around. It feels like the world's on fast forward at the moment, I've had over a year to emotionally prepare and I was fine but now I feel like an emotional wreck, can't believe how lucky I am getting to marry the love of my life.

Everything is done. There's nothing left on the checklist. Dress is in to be steamed. Wedding CDs have been sent to the venue. Cake decorations bought. I am even impressed at my organisation skills.

I wrote down a list of my worries for the wedding with Hayden. I had 50. He had 5. Isn't it fun being a bride and being in charge of everything? wink

Can't believe how long we've been doing this now. We started this blog on 14/9/15...almost a year ago. Crazy.

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

17 days to go now - 08/08/16 - 12:07pm
Hey yo people. Only 17 days left now, not very long at all is it :). Zo has already said about the cupcake discovery, so there's not actually much for me to report. My suit will be in the day cleaners in the next few days hopefully and the cake will be getting decorated :). If anyone hasn't booked a hotel or transport yet, please do so quickly as you may find hotels have no room. If anyone needs to know anything, please contact me rather than Zo. Only a couple of weeks until the big day now. Can't wait to see everyone and mostly, finally, see his beautiful Zo looks in her dress :). Until next week and the second to last entries. H.
Zoe Edition - 07/08/16 - 12:16pm

18 days to go!!!

So many little bits to sort out for the wedding but it's all coming along fine. Me and H have sorted out our speeches and from what I've seen of his so far, it's so lovely. I can't even finish mine without bloody crying.

I tried my dress on for the last time before it gets steamed and I am so happy with it, it's like my body has just morphed just right for the dress, it's perfect. 

I think we've decided to get cupcake platters for the evening. 12 cupcakes for £4.50...can't go wrong! 

I can't believe it's only 2 and a half weeks away. It doesn't feel real. I'm so excited and can't wait to be Hayden's wife.

- (VERY NEAR) Future Mrs Smith

Married this month. - 01/08/16 - 4:26pm
Hey yo readers and peeps. Irs officially the 1St of August and we get married this month, WAHHHHHOOOOOOOO! I'm still waiting for all the nerves that people tell me about, not sure when they're supposed to come, but I couldn't be less nervous, never done something I've been more sure of. Not a lot has occurred wedding related, as everything has been done for months :p. Only really got my speech left to do and a few minor details now. Like how long my beard should be :p. Me and Zo has the most amazing weekend in London, at LFCC and YALC, I love being a nerd :). Until next week people. H
Zoe Edition - 31/07/16 - 5:21pm

25 days to go!!

We did the favours this week and they look absolutely beautiful. Have posted a photo on my Facebook if you haven' seen them yet. We still have 250 personalised m&ms left so not sure what we're going to do with them...seems 1500 m&ms was a bit too much!

Nothing else weddingy has happened this week in all honestly because we've been away for the past 3 days having the best weekend ever at YALC. Came away with 26 books, most of them free...which I'd say is a pretty good weekend!

Can't believe there's only 3 and a half weeks to go now. Lots of little things for me to do so if you have any questions about the wedding...ask Hayden. He's got off lightly with this whole wedding organising so he can be hassled for a change wink

Until next week,

- (VERY NEAR) Future Mrs Smith

1 month to go - 25/07/16 - 7:45pm
Hey yo people. It is exactly one month to go, as of today. That's some pretty crazy fact, wow. Can't believe how quickly it's gone, doesn't feel like we have been doing this blog for months now. Only 4 more entries from each of us, crazy. Not really much to report or left to do by this point. Think this is usually the point were last minute things are being panicked about and done. Luckily for me, I have the worlds most organized fiance and everything was done literally months ago :p. She's a star and could make an absolute killing as a wedding planner. Love her millions. Until next week people, see you all very soon. H
Zoe Edition - 24/07/16 - 11:52am

32 days to go!!! This time next month, it will be the eve of our wedding. We're currently watching the new Ghostbusters after having one of the best weekends ever, I'm so happy right now.

We made the wedding CDs this week and they really are beautiful, I am so happy with them. Also spoke to the videographer and chose the music for the wedding video this week, it's very Disney-esque. Everything on our wedding list is pretty much done now. All we have to do is the cake, favours and speeches. It should be a breeze now. I'm feeling a lot calmer about it than I have been for a while.

Can't wait for the wedding. It's so close now! Gosh, I love Hayden so much!

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

38 days to go. - 18/07/16 - 6:46pm
Hey yo people. This blog Edition comes to you with only 38 days until the big day, wow. We spoke on the phone to our videographer yesterday, learnt a few new things and also confirmed some things. We have since then chosen the music that we shall be having with the video and it's lovely. We actually agreed on it as well :p. Besides that, apart from a few small details, everything is done and ready to go. It's mostly a very exciting waiting game now. Zo is sick at the moment and really not feeling well, regardless of this, spending lots of lovely time together at the moment. Until next week. H
Zoe Edition - 17/07/16 - 1:55pm

39 days to go!!!

This blog is like 50 views away from 4000...that's absolutely insane. I didn't realise that so many of you wonderful people read it. Thank you to everyone that takes the time to read our (mainly mine) ramblings about the wedding.

Everything is ready and set and honestly, there's not much to comment on because we're all so on it. Sent the final wedding plans to my wedding organiser at the venue so she can sort the table plan, my sister has bought the wedding toppers etc and they have arrived and are simply gorgeous. My mum's writing the placecards, I'm ill so I'm losing the weight I've put on that needed to be lost for the dress so honestly, I'm feeling prettty calm about it at the moment.

Up to see my mum on Friday with Hayden and I break up from work on exciting! Then I can devote all my time to weddingy things and reading. 

Just checked out the Disney closures for our honeymoon (which were quite a few the last time we checked a few months ago)...and there are now only 4 (as opposed to around 8 last time we checked)! So I'm super happy that some of my favourite rides are opened again and that the Halloween video for this year will be released soon and I can see what we have in store for us when we exciting!

Besides being ill, I've had the loveliest, most chilled few days off with Hayden. It's been lovely. I do love him so much.

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

45 days to go - 11/07/16 - 12:19pm
Hey yo people. I finally have my tie and shoes sorted, hallelujah!!!!!!! Zo has been so busy for the past like year and a half sorting everything out for this, I can't even begin to tell everyone how lucky I am to have her. If it had been down to me to plan this all, I'd still be looking for venues now :p. She's an angel. Few weeks to go now, everyone keeps asking if I'm nervous and I don't really understand why I would be. I'm just super excited :). Can't wait for it now, my goodness. See you all soon. H.
Zoe Edition - 10/07/16 - 10:40am

46 days to go!!! I can't believe it!

We had our ceremony planning this week and it was so exciting, telling them everything we wanted and hearing how everything was going to go. It just made me realise that this is our wedding. Not the person's wedding that doesn't want to sit in a certain place. Not the person's wedding who doesn't like the food choices. Not the person's wedding who's upset they're not coming to the ceremony...ours. And if I had to give a Bride advice for her wedding, that would be it. Never forget that it's your wedding and the choices you make are no one's business but yours and the Grooms and if you like something...sod everyone else, it's not their special day!

Mum's taken the placecards to start doing them for us with Andy. Ed's rung around to sort out the steaming for my dress. We're discussing when to do favours. My sister's busy carting us around for meetings and just brought my gorgeous nephew's suit and is sorting out cake ideas. I'd be utterly lost without their support and their time. Destressing me for the wedding, job by thank you!

Hayden got his bow tie this week and it arrived yesterday. It's so gorgeous, we love it so much. (Will put a photo on Facebook!)

I also ordered the Man of Honour's present which is also gorgeous.

Everything is falling into place and thanks to everyone's help, is relatively stress free at the moment. Got a few exciting weekends coming up so can't wait for those.

Hayden is just the best man on the planet. Not always the most helpful...but what man is? wink

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith


Zoe Edition - 10/07/16 - 10:40am

46 days to go!!! I can't believe it!

We had our ceremony planning this week and it was so exciting, telling them everything we wanted and hearing how everything was going to go. It just made me realise that this is our wedding. Not the person's wedding that doesn't want to sit in a certain place. Not the person's wedding who doesn't like the food choices. Not the person's wedding who's upset they're not coming to the ceremony...ours. And if I had to give a Bride advice for her wedding, that would be it. Never forget that it's your wedding and the choices you make are no one's business but yours and the Grooms and if you like something...sod everyone else, it's not their special day!

Mum's taken the placecards to start doing them for us with Andy. Ed's rung around to sort out the steaming for my dress. We're discussing when to do favours. My sister's busy carting us around for meetings and just brought my gorgeous nephew's suit and is sorting out cake ideas. I'd be utterly lost without their support and their time. Destressing me for the wedding, job by thank you!

Hayden got his bow tie this week and it arrived yesterday. It's so gorgeous, we love it so much. (Will put a photo on Facebook!)

I also ordered the Man of Honour's present which is also gorgeous.

Everything is falling into place and thanks to everyone's help, is relatively stress free at the moment. Got a few exciting weekends coming up so can't wait for those.

Hayden is just the best man on the planet. Not always the most helpful...but what man is? wink

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith


52 days - 04/07/16 - 12:22pm
Hey yo people. Only 52 days to go now, it's just over a month away. I can officially say that I get married next month :). Not a lot has happened over the past week. A few things have been RE thought or planned, but all surprises :). We have our final meeting at the registrars on Thursday, because we finally sorted out throws without arguing :p. Zo has been ill for two weeks now, so hoping she is on the mend now. But all wishes should be directed at her getting better, because I'm not a very good doctor :p. Not long people. See all you lovely folks soon. H
Zoe Edition - 03/07/16 - 10:50am

53 days to go!!! I can't believe how fast these last few weeks are going...less than 8 weeks to go!! 

Honestly, I've felt like absolute crap this week and I've literally done nothing wedding related all week. I've just been trying to focus on getting better...2 weeks now so I'm hoping it'll clear up soon!

Have booked some appointments at the beauticians the day before the wedding to get my nails and eyebrows done, I'm so excited!

Am also sorting out the steaming of my wedding dress (thanks to godmummy Ed) and we're starting to do the favours, my mum's starting to do the placecards and my sister's doing cake trials so it's all go now, really.

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

Less than two months - 27/06/16 - 9:43am
Hey yo people. I have another day off today and so am sat in our front room thinking about the past months. So much has been arranged and sorted recently by Zoe, it's truly incredible. I'm so very proud of her, she's truly incredible. This week has been a week of other things going on. Zo has her blog, which is amazing and is doing so well. We chose our vows and arranged them all yesterday, which was all very damn exciting :). We finally managed to do it without arguing :). Less than two months people. See you then. H x
Zoe Edition - 26/06/16 - 1:41pm

60 days today!!!!

It's scarily close now. Honestly, the only wedding related thing that has happened this week is MY DRESS FINALLY FITTING AGAIN. I'd put on so much weight and have worked so bloody hard for 3 weeks to get back into shape and finally have done it!! Just gotta keep at it now :)

I've been so focused on my blog and YouTube, I've not really done anything wedding related and it is nice to be worrying about something else for a change. wink

Had a few quality days with Hayden and god, I love him so bloody much. He's my favourite person in the entire world.

Until next week,

Future Mrs Smith

Damn mondays - 20/06/16 - 2:03pm
Hey yo people. We are closing in on only 60 days to go, only two months, my goodness people!!!! Where's the enthusiasm?!? I wanna be seeing facebook posts :p. How amazing is the soon to be Mrs Smith? If anyone hasn't seen her new blog, you definitely need to go and check it out. Book reviews and Zo looking phenomenal :). Finally got our helium canister for the balloons this week and everything is slowly moving along now. Not that there's much left to do, thanks to Zo. Hope everyone is well and can't wait to see you all soon. Until next week. H
Zoe Edition - 19/06/16 - 3:41pm

67 days to go!!!

Honestly, nothing much weddingy has happened this week but I've had such a productive week with my blog and YouTube (nosaferplace) and I've just not really had time to sort out wedding things...apart from our photographer's food for the day. How very productive of me wink

Actually, I'm lying. I bought a helium cannister for our table centrepieces and finally got round to buying Hayden a bag of surprises to open on our wedding day. We also have a Skype meeting next weekend with our videographer but that's been planned for a while. I also finally fit into my wedding dress again...yay me for losing weight!

Everyone has finally got back to us wedding guest wise and I'm gutted that some people won't be there but bloody happy that stress is over with.

Finally got Hayden for a whole day yesterday (this happens perhaps once or twice a month now so it's a rare thing) and it was lovely. He really is the best fiance ever.

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

Ughhhhh at work. - 13/06/16 - 2:06pm
Hey yo people. Lots of people apparently, we've had over 3000 visits to this blog now, which is pretty awesome. I rang up Disneyland the other day and paid of our honeymoon, which is very damn exciting. Think we are going to be two very excited 22 year olds running around Disney :p. We also had a meeting with out photographer, as Zo has already mentioned. She was lovely and I'm sure that she is going to be great on the day and will get all the photos that Zo wants ;). We are getting closer and closer, yet it feels like it was only yesterday that we got engaged or I moved to Hoddesdon. Time seems yo be partially going fast and also very slow at the moment. Hopefully more excitement to report next week. Laters, H.
Zoe Edition - 12/06/16 - 5:52pm

74 days to go!!!!

It's all been go, go, go for the wedding this week. The honeymoon is finally paid off!! We had £762 left to pay and it's all to just start saving up for the spending money! (I know I've said this but any euros would be greatly appreciated as a gift, it would mean having a few months off of saving every little penny before the wedding!!)

We also had a meeting with the photographer on Friday. She was absolutely wonderful and she's completely made me feel at ease, I couldn't be happier with her...definitely made the perfect decision. She ended up staying 3 hours and it felt so quick!!

We've finally found a decently priced helium cannister for our centrepieces so I'm super happy and feeling more relaxed about that. 

I've sent out the final evening only invites as well, so everything is finally coming together.

Spoke to the videographer too and sorting out a meeting with him at the moment. It's all busy, busy, busy!!!

Feeling a bit emotional this week and an overwhelming need for my family. They are the greatest people in the world and I'm so glad Hayden's now a part of it.

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

80 days to go - 06/06/16 - 2:09pm
Hey yo people. Less than 3 months to go now, just over two and a half :). All of the final things are starting to be put in place and be arranged now. We have a little list of things that still need to be done, but it's not very big at all :). As Zo has said, she's ordered herself a third pair of potential wedding shoes :p. I don't have one pair yet, but she has three. Hope everyone has booked hotel and stuff, because it's not very long now, don't forget :). Until next week. H.
Zoe Edition - 05/06/16 - 2:56pm

 81 days to go today!!!

So this week has been my half term and I've actually had quite a productive week. I've arranged a meeting with our photographer which is this Friday, I've bought (another) pair of wedding shoes but just look at these beauties:


They are the most amazing Disney Cinderella Harrods shoes I've ever seen.  I'm just praying they fit! Will I be a real life Cinderella? That is the question.

I've made a list of things to do before the wedding and there's only about 10 small things to do now so it's not as scary as I originally thought. Doing a mock table setup soon so we can get things exactly as we want them. Still feeling very overwhelmed but the end is in sight now and I can do this...even if it scary doing most of it on my own. 

Signing off for this week, I'm sure they'll be even more news as the weeks go on!

- Future Mrs Smith

Bank holiday monday again - 30/05/16 - 8:10pm
Hey yo people. Hope everyone has had a good day, chilled and had fun like me and Zo. As Zo has already said, we had our meeting with the venue manager, which went so well. Finalised a few things and discovered a few things we didn't know about. It's all very, very exciting when we go there :). Zo also tried on her dress and shoes again yesterday. Jealous I didn't get to see again :p. Emily tried on her flower girl dress as well and looked adorable. Only 87 days to go now, not very long at all. Until next week, H
Zoe Edition - 29/05/16 - 9:39am

88 days to go!!!

I'd just like to make you all aware, I've got to the point where I don't care; (Not about the wedding of course) but I don't care if you don't like where you're sitting, I don't care if you don't like what food we've chosen, I just have hit that stress level point where I'm not changing minor details anymore, everything is done. So if you need to moan about something wedding related, tell Hayden and he can sort it wink

I'm on top of everything but I'm really starting to feel stressed now and I'm not even sure why because everything is done, paid for, booked but I just have this niggling feeling that I've forgotten something. It's much more stressful than I thought it would be and I'm not sure how I'm going to cope for just under 3 months with being this stressed everyday but I'll manage wink

Few wedding things have occurred this week. We had our wedding meeting at the venue on Tuesday and it went brilliantly. She's made everything as easy as possible for us, given us as much time as we need for certain things that are difficult to decide at the moment, emailed me a list of things to do and when it needs to be done by, she's just been an absolute blessing I didn't know I needed. We decided on food and colour schemes and lots of other things, my mind just went into overload. 

Today, is also my dress anniversary! I got my dress a year ago today, which is a bit insane seeing as we only got engaged 6 days before but you know me, forever organised wink Trying my dress on again today as think I may have put on weight and need to figure out how much to lose...ooops! Emily's trying hers on too, my gorgeous (not so little, almost as tall as me already) flower girl. 

We also finished the completed DJ list this week...finally, no more arguing about that! laugh

Hayden's forever at work late at the moment so I have plenty of time to keep on top of everything....and breathe Zoe. I love him to the moon and back and can't believe how soon I'll be able to call myself his wife. I'm such a lucky lady. 

Sorry for the negative blog but just thought I'd let you all know to stay away from the bridezilla this week, I'm sure I'll be fine again next week wink

Until then,

- Future Mrs Smith

Anniversary Blog! - 23/05/16 - 2:47pm
Hey yo people. Today is Zo and I's anniversary, wahoooooo!! 2 wonderful, magical and still quite surprising years together :). Love you moose. Onto wedding matters. We have our meeting at the venue tomorrow, to discuss seating plans, dancing, music, food and all the bits and bobs that need finalising there. Although most of the music choices were terrible :p, we have had a look through them, honest. Got our meeting with photographer and registry people still to go in the next few months. How exciting it all is. Keep an eye on this page for updates people. Until next week, A very happy H.
Zoe Edition - 22/05/16 - 7:27pm

95 days to go!!! 

In double figures now, can't believe how close it's's scary and exciting!

Got our final meeting with the venue on Tuesday at 5:30pm so they'll be a lot to update then! Feeling so overwhelmed about all that but I'll have Ed and Hayden with me so I'm sure it'll be fine. 

Feeling like I may have put a few pounds on recently so will be doing my best to get those off and keep those off. I never care about my weight....bloody dress wink

Tomorrow, we've been together 2 years. And it will have been one year since we've been engaged, how fast has that gone!? Almost had my wedding dress a year, that's just crazy!!

On a non wedding related note, went to Goosebumps Alive and celebrated my nephew's birthday this's been awesome!

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

Hayden here. - 16/05/16 - 2:15pm
Hey yo people.101 days to go when I post this, so next week will be less than 100,how exciting. Not much to report in regards to the wedding or it's planning this week. It's our anniversary this time next week, and we have a few amazing things lined up for it. The afternoon tea we had yesterday was just a kind of warm up for it :). I'm sure there will be photos from Goosebumps live on FB soon. Had a lovely weekend with the bride to be and can't wait for another weekend like it :) Until next week and probably more news. H
Zoe Edition - 15/05/16 - 4:49pm

102 days to go!! So close to being 2 digits now, think I may explode!!!

Nothing weddingy to report this week really...not that I can remember anyway. We've just had the best day up London celebrating our anniversary. Almost been together 2 years and almost been engaged for a fast has that gone? 

I can't wait to be Mrs Smith and it's crazy to think that in just over 3 months, I will be.

A lovely friend of mine made me a Disney Princess dress as a honeymoon gift, I loved it so much that I've ordered a Disney Villains one. I mean it's Halloween for our honeymoon so it seemed rude not to. wink

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

Hayden in the morning. - 09/05/16 - 9:44am
Hey yo. I'm writing this in the morning for once, don't start work until mid day so now's a time to do it. We have got our two year anniversary in a few weeks and we've booked to go and see Goosebumps live :). Going to be scary and exciting, followed by some cocktails :). Got our meeting at the venue in a few days, making final decisions with the manager there, so get your opinions in quick if you've thought of anything. Music is almost finalised for the day, although we can't quite decide on the best song to kick you all out to in the evening ;). Busy few weeks ahead now, as we draw closer. Can't wait to see you all soon. Until next week, H
Zoe Edition - 08/05/16 - 8:36am

109 days to go!!

So Hayden is still asleep but sadly I've been up since 7am because it's my niece's birthday so I'm super excited to see her. Only 2 hours to go 'til I see her though so thought I'd do this to occupy myself.

We got the proofs back for the table numbers this week and oh my, they are beautiful and are on Facebook if you'd like to see them. Tangled is by far my favourite but no one (apart from mumsie and Hayden) is seeing that!

We've got a wedding meeting 24th May at the venue so that's pretty damn close and I've still not sorted out numbers entirely...oops!

We've sorted out all the music now, just got to have a meeting with our DJ. If you requested a song on here, it was taken into consideration wink

Forgot to mention last week, I saw my mum in her Mother of the Bride dress in person and she is honestly going to be the most gorgeous person there...besides me and Emily of course wink

On another note, our wedding site has had nearly 3000 crazy is that!?!??!

The wedding side of things is pretty calm right now but getting ready for everything to explode from the beginning of June...ahhh!!

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

Bank holiday. - 02/05/16 - 7:01pm
Not a whole lot of wedding-ness going on recently. Just awaiting my next payslip and then I shall add the finishing touches to my wedding ensemble. Only 115 days to go until the wedding now. Few weeks until we have our final meeting with the venue, few weeks after that and final meeting with the registry people. Probably some photographer and videographer meetings as well. So it's going to be meeting central over the next few months as build up. I'm trying to make sure I take some of the weight of this, but my organisational skills are pretty much the Chatot to Zoes Bulbasaur. Ones shit, and it certainly isn't Bulba. I'm very lucky to have her doing all this. Apologies for the Pokemon references, until next week. H
Zoe Edition - 01/05/16 - 6:48pm

Sitting here watching Lucifer with my baby.We've had all weekend together and seen my lovely mumsie so feeling very happy.116 days to go!!!!!

Nothing much weddingy has happened recently apart from the fact that we booked our 3-month-before-the-wedding-ceremony-meeting with our venue. Going with my baby and my wonderful god-mum...testing out the food too, I can't wait!! I honestly have no idea what we should have decided on and when it should be decided by, i.e food, music etc. so if any of you know, advice would come in handy!

I think a lot more is going to be happening in the current weeks and I can feel the anxiety rising in me already about it all but I'm sure it'll all be amazing and very exciting! 

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

4 months to go. - 25/04/16 - 4:22pm
Hey yo. This post comes to you with me sitting in work, fed up as ever. The excitement for everything Disney on our honeymoon is definitely building. I actually had to ring them up the other day, as we have booked a special honeymoon package for in our room :). Lots of goodies, that Zo is going to flip when she sees no doubt :p. We recently saw some photos added on FB from our photographer and they were bloody fantastic, so the excitement for the photos is at a peak as well :). 4 months until the most important day of my life. With the person I love the most. Can't wait much longer. Until next week. H
Zoe Edition - 24/04/16 - 12:58pm

123 days to go 'til I'm Mrs Smith!

Honestly, the honeymoon seems to be getting a lot more time and attention than the wedding at the moment but there's just so little to do for the wedding now, I'm just glad I've got something to be working on.

Disney have been great and I can't wait to go there for our honeymoon, it's going to be an absolute dream come true for me...makes me teary just thinking about it!

H is at work but I'm hanging out with my godmum soon. The more I think about it, the more I realise that this wedding would not be happening without them. No matter how far away they are, they are my rocks and I am so thankful that I was blessed with such a wonderful family. 

Nothing really weddingy to report but hopefully there'll be more to report back next week, Although, me and H are away for the weekend next weekend to see my mum's new house for the first exciting!

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

Monday 18th April - 18/04/16 - 3:59pm

129 days to go until the wedding now people. About a month and then we will only be 100 days away, very, very close indeed.

Not much weddingy to report, but we have been researching honeymoon packages for when we go to Disneyland and have found some extra bits that we are getting. So every Euro we receive as gifts will be going towards this amongst other things and will be very appreciated. 

Finally had a few days off work this weekend, and we have enjoyed a lovely few days. Disney on Ice, visits from family and generally stuffing our face with chocolate and food. Its been lovely and has just reiterated how lucky I am.

EEEEEEEEE, counting down people.

Until next week.


Zoe Edition - 17/04/16 - 10:39pm

130 days to go. Only a few weeks now until it will be less than 100....thank god!!!

Been a lot of wedding talk recently and it's getting me really excited. Getting worried I won't be able to keep on top of things but trying my best. Wondering if there was anything you forgot on your wedding day that I'm likely to forget too? I'd love to know!

Nothing weddingy has happened recently but just had the in-laws round and they're visiting the venue tomorrow which is super exciting and Tabs tried on her flower girl dress and she looks so beautiful.

Everything's coming together now and it's going to be incredible. Had the most wonderful weekend and certainly not ready to go back to work. 

Not long until I'll be Mrs Smith now and I love Hayden so much more than I can ever describe. 

Until next week,
- Future Mrs Smith

Rainy Monday. - 11/04/16 - 6:02pm
Seems like there's never much done recently, however a few things have happened in the last few days. We did a check of all the bits and bobs for the wedding yesterday. All the gifts, table bits and other general bobs we need for the day. All accounted for a safely in the flat. And today we have looked for a tie and shoes for me, pretty much the only thing remaining to get. Picked out some that I like that will likely be bought at the end of the week. It's all very exciting that it's all planned out and ready to go, we now have honeymoon planned and are looking at a holiday next year as well. All this planning is very out of sorts for me, as anyone who knows me will say. Good job Zo is so planned or I'm sure it would all go horribly wrong. Good job we aren't on 'Don't tell the bride'. Still needs to be said what an incredibly lucky man I am, to have met Zo in such unlikely circumstance and then for it all to work out as well as it has. Until next week, Mr Smith.
Zoe Edition - 10/04/16 - 6:12pm

137 days to go now...I can't wait for it to be less than 100!!

Honestly, apart from a lot of Honeymoon research and Honeymoon saving, nothing wedding related has happened this week. I've been off work for the week so I've also taken a week off of planning and stressing about everything.

What I would like to ask is if everyone could RSVP here and let us know of any dietary requirements etc (if you have any) as we're nearing the 4 month mark now for the wedding and final numbers are needed along with any extra information. I'd just feel better having everyone's confirmation on here as well. Just follow this link and it's really easy to do:

The seating plan has also been updated recently if you'd like to check that out. 

Have got lots of time with my beautiful baby this week so I'm super excited, I love him so much. He honestly is the best thing that's ever happened to me and I can't wait to be his wife.

Until next week

- Future Mrs Smith

Monday. - 04/04/16 - 8:16pm
143 days to go..... even more exciting. Think I may implode when it's less than 100. Lots of things have been booked, paid for or thought out this week. Feels like we are only a few pieces away from a full jigsaw now. This time almost a year ago, I don't think I would have thought we could get so much done in such a short amount of time. It's not really got much to do with me, Zo is just an absolute Master Planner. To the point that we actually have a honeymoon itinerary being sorted out :p. This time in a 143 days, I'll be the happiest I've ever been. I'm already the luckiest and can't wait for you all to see that :). Until next week, H
Zoe Edition - 03/04/16 - 8:44pm

144 days to go exciting!!

It's been a busy week. We've booked the ceremony meeting for the beginning of July, my dress steaming date has been booked, meeting has been pencilled in with my videographer, final invoice for our wedding night hotel room, wine on the table etc has been sent and being paid for tomorrow. We're also planning our honeymoon and it's going to be incredible. Saving up as much money as possible as I want to get whatever I want there and not have to worry...even spending £100 on a 3 course meal with the Princesses and Princes in a medieval banquet hall...I want no worries ;)

Spent all day with my bubba today (which is a rare occassion nowadays) and it's been perfect. In a fab mood and feeling super excited for the wedding. I love Hayden so bloody much.

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

Post Spain - 29/03/16 - 4:40pm
Hey again people. This is my first post after the holiday, and what amazing holiday it was. Couldn't honestly have asked for more. Meetings to book to do with the wedding now we are back though. Can't wait to get all the plans ironed out with photographers, managers and the like. We have less than 5 months now and I can tell that everyone, especially me and Zo are getting crazy excited. Can't wait to see everyone and celebrate our special day :). Until next week, H.
Zoe Edition - 28/03/16 - 4:23pm

Blog is a day late today as we've just got back from holiday but only 150 days to go and we've had the best time!

Now the real fun begins. Going to sit down in a minute and write a list of appts I've got to make...there's a lot! I've got dress steamings and videographer and photographer and ceremony planning and wedding planner at the venue...the list is endless! But organised me will have it sorted in a few days wink

Got so much to look forward to this year and I honestly can't wait.

Only a short one this week as my bed really is calling me. Delays on flights are never fun.

Until next week.

 Future Mrs Smith

Almost holiday - 21/03/16 - 7:46pm
Hey yo people. Few days now until me and Zo go on our first abroad holiday together. Can't wait for the fun and silly antics we are going to get up to :p. As usual recently, not much wedding, because Zo planned everything and sorted it months ago :p. Getting excited about seeing how happy the day is going to make Zo, can't wait to see her big smiles and the giant pick up that she deserves :). Until next week.
Zoe Edition - 20/03/16 - 5:35pm

158 days to go! How exciting!

Almost time to start going to meetings and such...finally! Feels like I've not done any planning for ages...downside of being too organised. Next month, the fun will begin.

Off on our first proper holiday to Spain on Friday, I can't wait, it's going to be epic to finally have a well deserved break!

I probably won't be posting next week as we'll be on holiday.

I'm starting pilates/dancing again this week, I can't have my dress not fitting me...and I also can't stop eating so exercise it is. 

Until next week.

- Future Mrs Smith

Mid way through March - 14/03/16 - 9:54am
Mid way through March now, 164 days until the wedding now, not very long at all :). As we draw closer, I just get even more excited and I struggle to think how I could be more excited than I am now. Not sure why people ever have doubts about there wedding day, it's madness if you love your partner. I couldn't be happier for the day to come, I want it now. Not much has happened recently concerning the wedding, but all things are slowly clicking into place :). If anyone ever needs a wedding planner, look no further than Zo :p. Until next week, H.
Zoe Edition - 13/03/16 - 7:31pm

165 days to go!! Almost at quick has that 50 days gone? 

We're going on our first proper holiday together on Good Friday and I bought 2 new bikinis today...not very wedding related but I can't tell you how happy I am with my body right now. I'm praying it stays like this until the wedding. 

Nothing really weddingy to report this week apart from the fact we're going to finalise details with our wedding planner in a few weeks at the venue. So final choices have been made for food, drinks etc and I can't wait!

We've also found some little bits on eBay for the table decorations and they're beautiful!

I love my baby so much. We've had such a difficult few months but he really is my rock. We've had a lovely weekend together and I'm so grateful for him. Can't wait to call myself Mrs Smith...I've definitely had enough of being a Collins! He honestly is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

- Future Mrs Smith

March 7th - 07/03/16 - 8:46pm

Not much to report wedding wise this week, other than the struggle that not getting too see the dress is putting me through, goodness it's stressing me out. So with the lack of news, I'm going to take this opportunity to go onto a different note. It's been a hard few weeks for Me and Zo, but she's being the best fiancee and future wife that any man can hope for. When you're as colossal a fool as I am, there's a strong chance I make a mistake almost every day. But no matter what, she's there to support me, help me through things or tell me when I'm being a moron. We may argue now and then, but nothing could stop me ever loving or needing her now. She's the number 1 Bulbasaur to my number 2 Ivysaur, my parabatai, my lady Daryl and my (good) dark passenger. So I'm taking this opportunity to say a great big, whopping, huge thank you to future Mrs Smith. I'd change nothing about what we have and I love you. H x

Zoe Edition - 06/03/16 - 3:43pm

172 days to go! Our website has over 2000 views now which is pretty awesome.

Not a very happy blog today sadly. Feeling down, stressed and had enough really. Not sure what to say as this week, I'm just really not in the mood. It's been a hard few months but this weekend has been the hardest. Trying to push on through. Hopefully things will improve by next week.

- Future Mrs Smith

Oh my oh my. - 29/02/16 - 9:52pm
Just at the end of February now. Less than 6 months to go, less than half a year to finalise preparation for the day, wow. This time almost a year ago now I proposed to Zo, my god hasn't the time gone fast, Jesus. Zo has got her dress fitted and ready now, I'm so incredibly jealous of everyone who has seen it, just want it to be the 25th of August already *sigh*. Always knew she was a princess, but by the sounds of things, this dress makes it even more true, can't wait to see it. Table plans are almost finished and ready, just need to get it officially done now. Until next week.
Zoe Edition - 28/02/16 - 9:23pm

179 days to go!! I can't believe how quick it's going and nearly my birthday...I don't know about you but I'm nearly 22!! ;) I can't wait! The age I'll be when I marry, eeee!

Got my dress back, finished and fits me perfectly. It cost way more than expected (thank you to my wonderful godmum) but it was worth every penny. It is the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. If you're a girl and you've not seen it...just ask me and I'll probably cave and show you it...I'm just that desperate to show it off. Although pictures don't do it justice. You just can't believe that could ever look that beautiful. The dress looks worth so much more than it was, it's just exquisite. I honestly feel like a princess and there's not a single person that has seen it without getting a bit emotional. Look at me rambling on about a dress...what's happened to me?

Me and H have just been ordering the final table decoration bits and looking at helium canisters...who knew they were so bloody much?

We've been working on an update of the table plan and now we can get in touch with our wedding planner at the venue and get the ball's so exciting!! Final choices for food and wine and ahhhh! I can't wait.

Until next week,

Future Mrs Smith

Post WS Blog - 22/02/16 - 7:07pm
Hey yo people of the internet. Me and Zo have just had one of the best weekends ever. Apart from me being a bit of a giant misog on the Saturday night(Shit hotel service), we then had a great Sunday meeting most of the cast of The Walking Dead, our favourite programme. Zo met her favourite character, had a photo with him (She was almost sick with worry) and then we met a few other people for selfies and other photo ops, it was great all around. Only soured slightly by the shitness of Hilton hotels. Both happy to be home now though. Not much wedding news to report, apart from Zo's wedding dress being almost ready for action. Can't wait to see you all soon. Until next week.
Zoe Edition - 21/02/16 - 7:18pm

186 days to go!!!

Honestly, apart from me being up my tailored dress next Saturday, I have no wedding news!

Had the best week off with my man, finally getting to see eachother and had a fantastic weekend at Walker Stalker meeting the cast of The Walking Dead. I'm feeling happy and so looking forward to the wedding.

Mother of the Bride now has an outfit! That's about all the news I've got sadly!

I've had such a busy week so going to be a short one this week so I can chill.

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

February 15th - 15/02/16 - 10:20pm
Hey yo peeps, we come to you at the almost 6months to go point. Not much weddingy to report tonight. Yesterday me and Zo had a look at some photo ideas for the day and picked out a few poses that we are going to have :). Zo is going to absolutely love all the posing and bossing people about ;). Need to have a look at my shoes and ties at some point this week, need to fit it in between Valentine's,my birthday and our convention next weekend :). Valentine's was perfect again this year, Zo got me THE most adorable book :). Next Valentine's she will be Mrs Smith, yay :). See you next week.
Valentines: Zoe Edition - 14/02/16 - 9:22pm

193 days to go and it's Valentines Day so it's been a pretty damn wonderful day.

Got my second dress fitting on Thursday and everything should be tailored perfectly to me! It was absolutely terrifying leaving my baby (my dress) with someone I barely know but she is so talented and got such a fab feeling about her! Can't wait 'til 10am! This time my mum is actually coming so that's really exciting too.

Me and H are just about to start writing what photos we want and finding the styles we want for our photographer and putting it all together which is just so exciting!

It's all been very Valentines and birthday related this week so there's not much weddingyness to report but loving spending some time with my baby as he's finally had more than 2 days off in a row in 5 months so I'm enjoying my time with him, hence why this is going to be so short.

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

Post 200. - 08/02/16 - 4:05pm
Finally less than 200 days to go everyone :). We are on 199 days to go and that's not a lot of time at all, close to only 6 months time. Zoe has only two dress fittings to go, a few finalisations with the venue and photographer and then we are pretty much just waiting for the big day itself. It's all very exciting and I don't think its truly hit me yet. Just want it to be August now really, I want it now. First of my friends to get married, who would have thought it :). What a lucky man I am.
Zoe Edition - 07/02/16 - 9:14am

Oh my goodness. It's 200 days to go today!!!!!

Bit miffed off this week as our venue told us we couldn't have floating lanterns but don't worry, I'll find something else Disney to sneak into the wedding ;)

I have finally chose a seamstress for my dress!! A hell of a lot more than I expected to pay but honestly, she's amazing compared to others we've seen who were asking for the same price so I'm happy. Got 2 more fittings and the next one is in 2 weeks! I cried when I saw myself in the mirror with exactly how it will look on the day. Didn't know I could feel that beautiful.

My honeymoon dates were accepted from work this week so the honeymoon is booked and we're Disneyland bound in October! I'm so excited for their chocolate apples, honestly Disneyland at Halloween is the best time of the year to go. 

My sister (MOH) told me she has ordered my wedding present...if that's not teasing, I'm not sure what is!

A lot's happened recently but all it's done is bring me and my sister closer together, which I'm happy for :)

That's all for now!

- Future Mrs Smith

At Work, ughhhh. - 01/02/16 - 8:51pm
Hey yo!! I'm currently sat in work, fed up like you wouldn't believe, but trying to find the time to get this done :). As Zo mentioned Floating lanterns as a potential addition have been ordered and hopefully we will get to do a tester run in the next few days. Inspired by Tangled, as other parts of the wedding may be ;). We draw close to the 200 days to go mark,hope everyone is as excited as I am :).
Zoe Edition - 31/01/16 - 6:02pm

207 days to go.

We have decided this week we're going to have floating lanterns at the wedding and have ordered a trial pack to test out. They look beautiful and this will be me at the wedding, eeeee. (It has to be approved by the venue first so not getting too excited...but it really would be perfect).


I should have some more bridal fittings this weekend so I can't wait! Almost below 200 days now and I can't wait.

Until next week.

- Future Mrs Smith

Oh my. - 25/01/16 - 9:00pm
Hey yo peeps, busy week of wedding stuff really. Zoe had her first wedding dress fitting, didn't go too well, but it's one step at least. Zo got herself a little treat for the wedding, it's quite out there, but very damn cute. We also sat down and went through our vows together, only a minute argument this time :p. We are getting to almost 6 months away. Time to start saving for the honeymoon, now that the wedding is basically sorted now :). How lucky I am to have such a perfect, organised bride.
Zoe Edition - 24/01/16 - 3:50pm

214 days to go!!!!

Got my flowers and Hayden's buttonhole delivered this week, I posted a photo last week but now they're finally here and they are everything I expected and beautiful.

I paid off our photobooth this week so woohooo, our evening reception will have a photobooth (which was always my dream!)

I also went for my first dress fitting. I really didn't like the woman so she's ticked off my list but seeing my dress for the first time fitted to my body shape was perfect and just reassured me that the dress I chose literally feels like it was made for me.

On a slightly random note, I went to Toys R Us today with my sister to go shopping for CHILDREN but I came out with these:



How adorable are they? They play wedding songs and I think they're going to be what we present our rings with. I love them so much (even if I am usually terrified of birds!)

Also spoke to my wedding planner at the venue this week and we're talking room allocations and finalising menu/numbers etc. It's all getting very real now!

Until next week.

- Future Mrs Smith

Oosh. - 18/01/16 - 9:04pm
Every week into 2016, we get closer the wedding and the excitement builds. Bust week in wedding land, quite a few things have happened, as Zolio has mentioned. Chosen the honeymoon plans and also decided that we are going to have a giant dance to That's my kind of night by Luke Bryan at the wedding ;). Everyone will love it :p. If you haven't already seen the flowers, look at Zo's last post, they're amazing. Made from Walking Dead comics, the show I've convinced her to watch and she's ended up fangirling over it even more than me :p. Been a hard week for everyone down here, hopefully happier times ahead.
Zoe Edition - 17/01/16 - 9:44pm

So a lot of weddingyness has happened this week!

We ordered our flowers around Christmas time and look what photos we've received:


How beautiful are they? They're flowers made from Walking Dead comics and they are absolutely gorgeous. I cried my eyes out when I saw them. They are everything I wanted and more.

I won a Bridal Boudior photo shoot at FYEO Portaits up London which I'm extremely excited about!!

Also, this Saturday is my first dress fitting with my tailorer. I can't wait to get back into it!

We've also chosen our honeymoon and we are going to Disneyland...I just can't wait! Matching Bride and Groom Mickey Mouse ears have to be bought soon ;)

It's been a hard week but I'm surrounded by the best people in the world.

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

Hayden - 11/01/16 - 10:01pm
Yay!!! Finally got the shirt for my suit, so only Tie and shoes left now :). Zoe has got the bridesmaids dresses and they're beautiful, hopefully they both like them. We had a brief look at our vows again yesterday, but nothing has been chosen yet, both too fussy. Presents have been bought for certain people as well, so quite a productive few days really. Almost 200 very exciting days left :)
Poorly Zoe - 10/01/16 - 2:59pm

I seem to be ill again...makes a change, doesn't it? Been back at work this week so it's taken it out of me a bit but I'm getting there.

228 days to go today! I can't believe it will be under 200 soon! Only seems like a few weeks ago when it was over 300!

Hayden's sorting out our new chest of drawers at the moment whilst I'm snuggling on the sofa (feeling sorry for myself!) watching snooker.

Quite a bit weddingyness has happened this week. I've chose the bridesmaid dresses, ordered them and they are now on their way. I got a message about my flowers and they will be finished next week so I shall have them by the end of the exciting!

Due to a whole lot of illness, I've not had a chance to ring tailors again so me and the MotB are going to do that tomorrow. 

I've also bought something else for the wedding this week but it's a surprise for Hayden so you won't know about that for a few weeks!

Also, a really bit of exciting news is that I received an email from Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway about appearing on their show for our wedding!!!! So fingers crossed for that one.

I think that's it for this week. Hayden's birthday, Valentine's Day and Walker Stalker next month...exciting times ahead.

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

Poorly Hayden - 05/01/16 - 6:25pm
We are in 2016 now, Happy New Years everyone. August this year I will be getting married to my perfect moose, can't believe it's so close now. Hopefully I'll be nice and well when it gets to August, because I certainly feel ill and like shit today. The one up side to it, as always, is Zo. She's making a spectacular nurse, getting me to take medicine and actually eat. I'm so grateful and lucky to have her all the time, but I feel especially so today. So Thank you baby. Signing off for another week, hopefully have weddingy stuff to report next week :).
Zoe Edition - 04/01/16 - 5:13pm

Not sure how I'm typing this without falling asleep but I was too anxious yesterday too! Started work again today after 2 months and boy, is my body feeling it!

So it's 2016! I'm getting married this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 234 days and counting. It doesn't feel real but it's all coming together.

Wedding is paid off now, time to start saving for the honeymoon! (And to actually get a life back now we're both working full time again). 

Ringing the tailors this week, not sure what to say or do...may wait 'til the mother's back from holiday and get her to do it wink

Signing off 'til next week.

- Future Mrs Smith

Post Christmas Hayden. - 29/12/15 - 10:09am
This is my first post since Christmas, and what a lovely Christmas it was :). Very different to Christmas up North, but still a wonderful time, with people that I love dearly. The wedding is pretty much covered now, few things left to do, and we aren't figuring the honeymoon in yet, but that will happen at some point. Zo sneakily tried her dress on Christmas day, obviously I didn't get to see, annoying as ever. Coming up to New Years eve and now, then I can say I get married this year, awesome :). See you next week.
Zoe Edition - 27/12/15 - 11:31pm

241 days to go today! Going to be less than 200 soon and we'll be entering the year of our wedding in just 5 exciting!

Put a deposit down on the flowers and they're going to be gorgeous. Hopefully I'll get to see them soon (as they're one of a kind!!). Going to ring tailoring places in a few days and get that sorted as it's time for my first fitting in my dress (eeeek!) I may have sneakily tried the dress on again Christmas day (with all accessories) and my good god, a dress can make you feel beautiful. Especially 'the one.' 

Taking the mother of the bride and godmother of the bride shopping soon for outfits...that'll be fun. I'm sure mum will buy lots more dresses 'for the wedding' before then ;) 

It's been an incredible few days (and tiring as I'm ill) but amazing all the same. Our first proper Christmas together, rather than hundreds of miles apart and I couldn't be happier. We've seen both sides of the family and everything feels right now. 

Love my future-in-laws so much and I couldn't be happier about becoming part of the Pollock/Smith family. 

Merry Christmas everyone! Until next year..;)

- Future Mrs Smith

Hayden. - 21/12/15 - 9:36pm
Been to the hospital with Zo and Lisa today, not the best of news but also not the worst. Zoe found some amazing flowers that are very us and people won't be expecting :). Few days until Christmas, then a week or so and it will be 2016. Got a convention coming up in February, after that, back to saving up for our honeymoon, hopefully won't be too many years after the wedding that it happens :p. I'm getting more excited as it all gets closer, everything is falling back into place slowly. Until next week, Merry Christmas everyone.
Zoe Edition - 20/12/15 - 4:53pm

It's blog time and there's only 249 days to go! 

Got something for the kiddies at the wedding this week. Got some adorable personalised activity packs to keep them amused. Received them already and I'm in love with them. 

I've chose my flowers this week, they're extremely unique and absolutely gorgeous. I've asked for a quote so hopefully we'll be able to afford them as they're perfect for me. 

My mum got me some bride to be slippers this week and they're so cute. Will only be able to wear them for another 8 months and 5 days and I shall be a bride! 

Our first Christmas spent together this year and I'm so excited. It's going to be the best Christmas ever, I'm so lucky to be spending it with the people I love most in all the world.

Got hospital tomorrow so fingers crossed that goes okay. Signing off now until after Christmas!

- Future Mrs Smith

Hayden from work - 15/12/15 - 3:15pm
Next week it will be Christmas, whooop. First Christmas down South, very exciting and very weird both at the same time. Few weeks time and it will be the year I get married, what a year 2016 will be. Couldnt be happier to ring in the new year :). Another brilliant and special year with the soon to be Mrs Smith.
Zoe Edition - 14/12/15 - 7:33pm

255 days to go!

And for once, things are starting to look up for a change. My godmum is slowly getting better, as am I. Hayden's hours have gone up for work...and so have mine! The wedding is SO close to being paid off and then it's just the fun parts left, like choosing the food, music, vows etc (although most of that is done too). These past few months have been tough but it's a new year soon and this is the last year of me being a Collins. I'm definitely not a Collins anymore, was a Smith girl from the moment I met Hayden.

Our wedding really is going to be the best day of our lives. But first we get to celebrate our first Christmas in our new flat and Hayden's more excited than me!!! I love seeing him happy. He means everything to me and I can't wait to marry him and call myself his wife. 

So glad things are finally coming into place. Fingers crossed they stay that way.

See you next week.

- Future Mrs Smith

Hayden - 09/12/15 - 7:39pm
Just got back in from work, finishing at 7 and then getting a 20 minute train home is such joy, naaaaaaat. Received the receipt from our registrar today, very exciting indeed to know the officials for the day are planned and sorted. Think we now need to sort out a music cd for the day, Zoes dress alterations, making sure I can still fit in my suit and that's everything major sorted. Id say the fact we are so prepared was anything to do with me, but you would all know i was lying. Zo is like a little planning angel, she's a miracle sometimes. I know I'd have nothing sorted if it had been left to me. Dont know what id do without her any more. Until next week, H.
Zoe Edition - 06/12/15 - 4:17pm

Nothing weddingy has happened this week again, as it's been a shit week again. After two days of having my 7 day heart monitor on, my body decides to have an allergic reaction to the electrodes and bring me up in red, blotches with blisters...which is always nice. 

I paid the registrar off last week which bought our wedding found down to £0 but everything major is paid now, just little things left like thank you presents, hair, hotel etc. Sounds cheap but that comes to more than bloody £500 for all the last little one told me weddings were this expensive.

Feeling like I need a break. Not a break from work, I'm having quite enough of that but a break from bad things happening. Something good happening for me (or my family!) right now would be brill! 

263 days to go. It's about time I rang my tailor and got my dress sorted. The dress needs to come out of the closet and measurements need to be done. I can't wait to have an excuse to have it on again!

Hopefully things will get better soon. I miss having money and I miss having 'days out' which don't involve going to hospitals or seeing doctors. 

Hopefully more news next week.

- Future Mrs Smith

December - 01/12/15 - 8:59pm

its the first of December today, which means we are only a month away from it being 2016. One month away from the year, i get married, how crazy. The music has been looked at this week and the Registrar has been paid for, so we are getting closer to everything being sorted. Not a lot is going right at the moment, for either of us, but Future Mrs Smith is getting me through all of it. Im so grateful to have her every day, just need the wedding to get here before she sees sense :p.

See you next week, Hayden

Zoe Edition - 30/11/15 - 5:22pm

269 days to go today. 

Really not in a good mood at present. Nothing seems to be going right, with anything but just got to keep going. 

Apart from finishing up the wedding songs for the ceremony, not much weddingy business has been going on (apart from stressing about money!!) but we'll get there somehow.

My blog has been short and sweet recently but the wedding is certainly the one thing keeping me going at the moment occupying me.

- Future Mrs Smith


PS. I'll tell you something I have new signature. It's beautiful!!! :)

Monday night - 23/11/15 - 9:49pm
Nothing mmuch to report wedding wise since last week. Zoe spoke to the wedding photographer about some things today and I think that may have excited her, little poser that she is ;). We are coming up to Christmas and more importantly 2016, 2 days and it will be 9 months away, whoop.
Zoe Edition - 22/11/15 - 3:50pm

This is the first week since we started the blog that I'm really not in the mood to do it. This has probably been one of the hardest weeks of my life and feeling at rock bottom right now, but things can only get better, right?

Nothing to update wedding wise this week...nothing good anyway.

It's times like these I'm over the moon I have Hayden. I love you millions baby.

Until next week,

- Future Mrs Smith

Senor Smith - 16/11/15 - 5:37pm
Chocolate favours have arrived and they are pretty damn special, I look forward to everyone getting them and being surprised by them. God there is a lot though, my goodness. Even more chocolate than I could eat in one sitting. We are getting closer and closer to 2016 now and its very exciting to know that soon it will be the year I get married. If two years ago you'd have told me I'd be married in two years, have a flat and be living near London, I would have thought you were crazy. But then I met the love of my life and everything has fallen into place since, God I couldn't be happier though. Here's to the months of excitement ahead.
Zoe Edition - 15/11/15 - 8:04pm

It's Sunday so that means blog day! Still not at work so feeling really crappy at the moment but trying to keep positive.

Our favours arrived this week!!! As expected, Hayden won't let me show anyone a photo but my god, they are perfect and I'm so glad we decided to spend a little bit more money to get them. I'll give you a clue, it's something edible...

Saw some photographs of the photobooth photos our photographer is doing for us at the evening do of our wedding and it has excited me so much, they're so fab and can't wait to see you all there having fun!

Once this month has ended, I hope to pay the registrar off and then we'll have less than £500 left to pay for our wedding...and then we can focus on the £2000 honeymoon we want! :p hahah.

284 days to go and I can not wait. Wish it could come sooner!

Future Mrs Smith

Mr Smith - 10/11/15 - 7:20pm
Boom, full suit people, we have a full suit. And it all fits correctly as well, whoooooop. Shirt, tie and shoes still need to be bought, but we are almost there. Venue is fully paid for now, so not a whole lot left (apart from the honeymoon, but we will get to that at some point). Zo is really not well at the moment and I'm trying my damndest not to be quite as useless as normal, trying being the optimal word :p. I'm a bit late this week, busy with work and such going on, so apologies. Still counting down the days.
Zoe Edition - 08/11/15 - 6:33pm

It's Sunday...which means blog day!

This week has been an eventful one. I've found out I have two heart conditions now so I've been signed off work until I'm feeling better. It just so happened this was the week I met Hayden's dad and step mum for the first time, They came from Devon and I was ill the majority of the time, which wasn't ideal but at least I've finally met them!

I've been off work so I've actually had a lot of time to chill and organise things from my bed this week. I ordered the favours this week and they are amazing, they should be here by next week. Not sure if I'll be posting a photo of them, will probably check with Hayden and he'll say no wink.

Hayden finally has all of his suit in the right size now. He tried it all on today and he is certainly looking very handsome. He's going to look extremely gorgeous on the day.

The venue was finally paid off this week and everything that needs to be paid is finally under £1000. It's finally seeming possible that we can pay for this wedding. I'll probably be stressing until there's only £100 or £200 left to pay but the more we save, the more relaxed I feel. 

291 days now. I can't wait.

Until next week!

Future Mrs Smith

Hayden time again. - 03/11/15 - 9:04pm
Hey yo everyone. Not a whole lot to report wedding wide this week that Zo hasn't already said. Everybody should have there invites now, ceremony guests and evening guest. How exciting for all you :p. Still need to take my suit trousers back, haven't gotten round to that yet sadly. We are under 300 days to go now people, it's getting very damn close. This time in 295 days, ill probably be an odd combination of terrified and wonderfully excited, God I cannot wait. Hurry up already, need me a wifey :p. Laters everyone, thanks for visiting this site over 1000 times.
Zoe Edition - 02/11/15 - 1:00pm

Yesterday was a long day and my mum was back from holiday and I spent the day with my sister so yeah, didn't have time to do the it's blog Monday again this week!

Went back to work today after a week off...not really feeling it again yet. Think I need another week off already! Haha. 

I finished off all the invites this week so everyone should have them by now (apart from the girls at work!). They took me a while but I'm so glad they're finally done. I've had a few people message me about dietary requirements already but if there's anything you're allergic too or don't eat, please let me know as soon as possible so I can tell the venue :)

My godmum rang a few tailoring companies this week for my dress...I feel as though this is going to be an expensive addition for the wedding fund! Got a few more months before I need to start worrying about that though.

Nothing more weddingy has really occurred this week. Been more of a family week as I've had time off and I certainly needed it. Spent most of the week with my sister, niece and nephew and it was lovely!

Until next week!

- Future Mrs Smith

Suit, yay! - 28/10/15 - 11:22am
Writing this on a Wednesday seems a bit odd, but the last few days have been a combination of busy and forgetful on my part. My suit was chosen and purchased this week. It's pretty damn awesome (Thanks Mother). The fools at Next sent the wrong size trousers, so it's not a full suit just yet. Still also need to buy my shirt and shoes for the occasion. How very exciting it all is. If the wedding teaches me anything, it's that I love wearing suits. Not nearly as much as I love Zo though obviously :p. Signing off for the week. Hayden
Zoe Edition - 26/10/15 - 6:30pm

So it's not blog day's blog day Monday this week. Hayden had to remind me...that's how much my mind's been all over the place this week! Had a bit of a stressful one but everything seems to be getting back on track now.

304 days to go. Next time I write the blog it will be under exciting!!!

Hayden chose his suit this week and my wonderful in-laws bought it for him...and my, oh my does he look gorgeous! Waistcoat and everything wink Thank you to my future in-laws, it's very much appreciated, I love you both lots. I won't give too much away about his suit as I think it should be saved for the big day but it fits with the colour scheme and he looks gorgeous!

A dream has come true this weekend. I'd been searching fervently for a videographer that wasn't £1000's. I was honestly starting to lose hope until a promoted ad came on my Facebook timeline. I found out he was based in Southampton but messaged him anyway, it was worth a try. He replied and told me he was able to come that far, he was free that date and it was only £250!!!!!! Take a look at one of his wedding videos here, it made me cry just watching! It's simply stunning! Let me know what you think :) 

The centrepieces are now here, which is so exciting. I'm desperate to make a mock one up to see how it looks in person...but best not! They are so lovely though.

I have also chose my morning after the wedding outfit. I know that's not officially a thing but it's a beautiful dress so it's a thing now wink

It's been the busiest wedding week in a while actually...less than 10 months to go now!!!

Signing off until next week.

- Future Mrs Smith

Hayden Edition - 19/10/15 - 9:31am

Well, yesterday was awesome. Despite feeling sick from eating far too manhy sweets on the way back from the venue, I had a wondeful time. We saw how the tables, the bar, the outside and generally how the venue would all look. And it looked wondeful, not too over the top and with just the right amount of things going on. With all of our little tocuhes, its going to be perfect next August :).

We have pictures but decided that we would like to leave it a surprise for most people. The seating plan is done, so that may end up on here soon, so keep an eye out.

Very happy Hayden signing off for the week.

Zoe Edition - 18/10/15 - 3:52pm

So as I write the blog today, I have tears in my eyes. Not because I'm sad but because I genuinely couldn't be happier. I can't quite put into words how utterly flawless the venue is. And how lovely it was to have my family experience the moment with me. I walked in and it was like something from a dream. It was exactly how I dreamed my wedding would look. Fairy lights everywhere making it look like something from a fairytale. As I saw it, I knew that I wanted to fork out extra for the photo booth in the evening. I knew what table plan I wanted. I knew the centrepieces I'd chosen were perfect. I knew mum was right for pestering me about having wine on the table. I even considered having flowers (which was a huge no no for me and probably will be once I've come down from cloud nine.) Although Hayden was too busy eating free sweets from the sweet cart to notice any of this, naturally. 

It's just perfect for me. Simple, elegant and absolutely beautiful. I'm not over the top and never have been (complete opposite to my mum and sister) but this venue is just me, down to a tee. 

I'm so happy we chose this venue. Happier than I'd realised. My mum, step dad and Ed have just been so supportive and helped us with everything. This wedding would not have even been possible without your support, time and help with money. 

I was going to put photos but it's so stunning, I don't think I want too. I want to surprise you all on the day and be just as spellbound as I was today when I saw it.

312 days to go. 312 too many.

See you next week.

- Future Mrs Smith

H - 13/10/15 - 9:53am

1 more week closer to the big day, how very exciting. We have been looking through music that we want to have this week. No arguments to report so far on the matter, just the odd me giving into a song choice :p. Im not at work until 12 today, so a bit of time for me to look at my suits again this morning, although im pretty set on one.

Like Zo said, weve got the open day at the venue on Sunday, so that should be good. It will be lovely to see what the venure looks like in person and to give us some ideas about how we would like it on the 25th.

Till next week,

Zoe Edition - 11/10/15 - 3:20pm

It's Sunday so that means blog day! Hayden and I have had another weekend together so feeling pretty chilled and content this weekend :)

Been another hectic week so not much weddingy things have occurred. I'm so excited for next weekend as it's our venue's wedding fayre so it's going to be awesome!!! (And I'll take lots and lots of photos!)

We're deciding on the wedding music today. There's so much to choose so I'm sure it'll take a while but I can't wait! Entrance and exit are already decided so I guess the hardest part is done :)

My second job has really taken off in only a week so hopefully it'll continue that way and we'll have thousands to spend on the wedding/honeymoon when the time comes...a girl can dream. right? ;)

319 days to go. I'll be even more excited when it's finally under 300, eee!

Signing off 'til next'll probably be a long one!

- Future Mrs Smith

Haydens time to shine - 06/10/15 - 10:42am

Tuesday morning and im off work, even though I only just started my new job yesterday :). Back in work tomorrow and im actually oddly excited, I may have finally found a job down here that I enjoy nearly as much as Game.

Not a whole lot to report on the wedding front, apart from 324 days left to go and to thank everyone for there song contributions so far. Getting even more excited as it gets closer to 300 days left.

Been a bit hectic here over the last few weeks, but weve got through it and the stress levels seem to be lowering for both of us. Zo is sick at the moment bless her, but im trying my best to be helpful and look after her. Just about to pop to the shop for some milk and then over to the Nursery to suprise meet her :).

See you next week



Zoe Edition - 04/10/15 - 4:52pm

Well it's Sunday, which can only mean one day!

Not much wedding planning has been happening this week...apart from deciding which wedding cake my sister/MOH is going to make for us. (She's incredibly talented by the way!) We have no idea which cake to have, there's so many amazing ones. I may just let her decide and that'll stop the stress of me choosing! cheeky

No wedding news but Hayden starts his new job tomorrow which is super exciting. What's even more exciting is we've actually had most of the weekend together which has been a rare occassion recently so that's made me happy. 

Talking of new jobs, I have just set up a new business! It's mainly to help with the wedding funds, so if you'd like to help us with the wedding, checking out the store wouldn't go amiss wink 

It's been a rough week this week but we're getting there and hopefully they'll be some more wedding news next week. The wedding fayre at our venue is in 2 weeks time so that blog will be a fun one!

Signing off until next week

- Future Mrs Smith

Haydens turn - 28/09/15 - 9:27am

Got a lovely morning off, in my last week at my current job, whooooop. Been looking at suits again on the Next sale the last few days and im still not sure which one I fancy. Got my eye on a few but cant pick my favourite at all. 

Like Zo said in her previous entry, we got the booklet from the registry office last Tuesday and there is a TON of stuff to go through. I had no idea it was all so pre arranged. Deciding the music and what words we want to be were has been a lot of fun. Although we had a difference of opinion on one matter, it all went quite well.

Every minute that I sit and think about the wedding, I remember how lucky I am to have Zo, she means everything to me and god i cant wait for the 25th August.

See you next week.


Zoe Edition - 27/09/15 - 11:19am

It's Sunday so that means it's blog day! Hayden's at work all day today so I thought I'd do the blog this morning this time, seeing as I'm bored already. 27th September which means this time in 11 months, I'll have been married for 2 days. How insane is that? 

So, last blog I mentioned we were giving our notice of marriage on Tuesday (and that I had no idea what it entailed). Hayden and I went to the meeting with my sister and nephew. We had to answer endless questions about eachother (Hayden actually got my birthday right, I was very impressed wink ha!) Whilst this has happening, my 1 year old nephew took it upon himself to break this beautiful bouquet of flowers in the corner of the room. So a very serious meeting turned into me trying to refrain my bursting into laughter at him walking around with a huge flower head in his hands and my sister trying to disguise the fact that he'd broken it. (I do love him :p!)

After the questions, we were given this book:

Now, am I the only one that had no idea that there were 25 pages of words to choose from about what to say when, who's saying what, different wording for each section of the ceremony, choosing an hour's worth of music for the assembly/signing/entrance/exit...I was absolutely baffled! (and extremely excited that there was so much more to choose and keep me occupied for another few weeks at least! wink

I have chosen my entrance song and it's the most beautiful song and I am so excited to walk down the aisle to one of my favourite songs of all time!

I had a sleepover with my niece on Friday and showed her my dress, just seeing her eyes widen and saying 'Wow!' was enough for me to know she thought I'd made the right choice. I still look at the photos of myself in the bridal shop and think, 'wow, I really do look like a princess!', I can't wait for you all to see it.

On Thursday, I came home to a clean house, beautiful flowers, my favourite foods and dinner being made for me (although H makes dinner every day!) and it was just a reminder of how lucky I am and how I can't wait to be Mrs Smith. Signing off until next Sunday now.

- Future Mrs Smith

Hayden Version 2 - 22/09/15 - 11:09am

Sat at home agan, waiting for Zoe to come back from work. We are going to the council offices to give notice today, an oddly exciting event. Like Zo said, not really sure what we are actually doing, but internet research tells me that its just going to be questions about each other. Hopefully I get them all right, or I might be in the bad books :p.

338 days on both countdown boards now, not long to go. Thinking I might need to lose a stone or two before the wedding, ha. The diet starts today, im sure that will go well, naaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Cant wait to see you all in under a year at the wedding, see you next week.


Zoe Edition - 20/09/15 - 8:49pm


It seems I always update this blog at 9pm. Whilst watching Big Brother. Whilst Hayden's at work. But here I am again. It's only taken me a month to pick our countdown plaque up but I finally did and it's absolutely beautiful (even fits with our colour scheme!) and we finally got round to de-chalking our door and starting to decorate it ourselves. As you can see, it's been a countdown crazy week. 

The Mother of the Bride had an outfit for a few days...and then it changed. Again. I'm not sure my mum will ever decide on an outfit for the wedding; think she's looked at more dresses than I have...and I've got mine! wink

I am very excited this week because on Tuesday, Hayden and I are going to the registrar to give our notice. Honestly, I have absolutely no idea what it means or what it entails but I know it's something weddingy to do with the ceremony so that's enough to get excited about, right?

I've been stuck on a certain issue for a while, I have 3 guy best friends that I wanted to be part of my bridal party and I had no idea what to do. So after a lot of researching (and with a little help from the girls at ukbride), I decided that I would have a man of honour and my other two best friends as my witnesses. I'm absolutely in love with this idea and it makes me feel pretty modern. cheeky 

The next time I write this blog, it will be less than 11 months until the wedding. I can't believe how fast it's coming around. I think it will be here before I know it. Feeling especially lucky at the moment. Although H's not here, he sends me the most beautiful messages to keep me going and he's honestly the most wonderful man in the world. 

Signing off until next week.

- Future Mrs Smith

First blog! (Hayden Edition) - 15/09/15 - 11:24am

This is my take on Zo's introduction :). 345 days to the wedding and I couldnt be more excited. It's 11am, wife to be's at work and I'm sitting on the couch, having just returned from a job interview. I may not sit about all the time looking at wedding gifts, ideas or bridesmaids dresses, but it doesnt mean i'm any less excited for the big day. Thinking about the rest of our life together, all I ever seem to be doing at the moment. I didn't realise how expensive weddings were until we were engaged, but with slightly less Papa Johns pizzas and some incredibly generous and generally overwhelming donations from members of Zo's side of the family (Thank you so much Jim, Lisa and Ed), we are getting there. We dont have much of a social life anymore, but cuddles in front of the TV, with a warm plate of Zo's home made Lasagne suits me perfectly.

I've not found the whole wedding planning a breeze so far, but have enjoyed every minute of it. Seeing how happy planning all the stuff makes Zoe and helping to make decisions on things where I can is a wonderful experience. I might not be the most helpful, but I do try. I've chosen what suit I want (And its glorious, just need to stop putting on weight now), helped look for gift ideas, written up our guest list and thought of some themes for the table (Lord of the rings theme was not allowed).

I've decided to update this blog every week with my version of Zoe's updates of the wedding, how things are progressing...and how much I'm really not stressing out! But dont worry, im sure the nerves will kick in closer to the time, although i do have a wonderous speech planned for you all.


- Already Mr Smith, but soon to be married Mr Smith.

PS. Wetherspoons is on you my darling.

First blog! - 14/09/15 - 9:25pm

So it's less than a year to the wedding. It's 9pm, hubby to be's at work and I'm sitting watching Big Brother...and looking at wedding bits online, as always. It's all I ever seem to be doing at the moment. Every thought, every spare moment, I'm tapping away looking at bridesmaid dresses, thank you gifts, centrepieces, favours...the list goes on! I didn't realise how expensive weddings were until we were engaged. It was then I realised we'd have no social life for the next year if I wanted the wedding I'd always dreamed.

I've found the whole wedding planning a breeze so far and have enjoyed every minute of it; I even thought 'Hey, I could be a wedding planner!'. It was only when I read a bridal magazine and read an article 'Ten things every bride thinks...' and number one was 'I'm good at this. I should be a wedding planner', that I felt a little dis-heartened and thought maybe I wasn't quite as good as I originally thought...

I've decided to update this blog every week on updates of the wedding, how things and progressing...and how much I'm stressing out! (Especially nearer the time)


- Future Mrs Smith


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